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Operations can happen anywhere, including in suburban areas, forest parks, rural areas, in the hills and mountains and along our coastline. We’re just as likely to be searching for a dementia sufferer in Blenheim as a tramper in the Mt Richmond Forest Park.

Call outs

Operational callouts happen at unpredictable often inconvenient times and LandSAR members can be called on at anytime of the day or night. Having said that no one is available 100% of the time, we all still have lives to be getting on with. We are looking for members who can make a commitment to be available for 50% of all searches. That includes weekdays, nights and weekends. There is an expectation that you have arranged with your employer that you can attend some weekday callouts. 

In addition to the uncertainty that surrounds when a call out might come there can also be uncertainty about if the search will happen at all as happily, missing people do get found after we have been call upon before we are deployed in the field.


If you are looking to volunteer at pre organised times, for a specifc number of hours, and are still keen on LandSAR, get in touch about a non-operational support role.  

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